Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wo Ist Jones!? Part II

If you think you've seen the last of our family Indiana Jones pictures, then you're as wrong as Satipo was when he thought he could get out of the temple with that little idol without getting skewered.

Today, however, rather than show you the whole picture, I'll focus in on a few of the scarier and funnier caricatures our oldest drew.

First, the scary: Major Toht and a Thuggee:

Here, it's all in Major Toht's smirk and in the Thuggee's scowl.

Now, for the fun. Here's Belloq, in the "butthat" I mentioned in an earlier post:

And finally, you of course remember the big thug who beats the crap out of Indy before he meets his end in the propeller of that flying wing. Our oldest calls him the "enemy boxer." And as an enemy boxer, he of course needs his own pair of enemy boxer shorts, complete with the Nazi kitsch you'd expect:

Before anyone gets their shorts in a knot that we're raising a nascent neo-Nazi, just remember: Context is key.

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