Webelos Art Porftolio

Liam, our oldest, has just this last and final requirement to complete his Artist pin in the Webelos Scout program. So here we go. Here's his first project:


This Sioux Indian tipi is one of my school projects. Included is exquisite paintings on the tipi, 4 Indians, and Spanish moss around the main thing. My teacher, Mrs. Galbraith, liked this project well. Do you like it too?


This collage of things that were collected from around the house includes these things: 8 drawings( 7 are Indiana Jones characters, and the other one is a judge saying," Do I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?"), 2 candy wrappers( 1 Hereshey's and 1 Tootsie Roll (Giant size) ), a building block, a Garfield comic, a picture of me( Notice the movie camera :o), a leaf ( Birch), a picture of the LDS church I was born in, and a couple of drawings, ( From left to right ), a rocket, my cousin's trampoline, and a ladybug. And not least but last, a cover of a Lego Indy Jones set.


This creation took some time to build, but (Finally!) I got it done. Whew! Included is a crane on top of the 2- floor building and a small prison near the building. Also there is a tall, tall tree.

Other projects -- all drawings -- can be found here:

Computer Art
Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Indiana Jones
Scooter (my original comic strip)

And finally, Bad Kitty.