Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wo Ist Jones?!

If it weren't for the two Lego Indiana Jones computer games our kids have, they wouln't know the man from the next fedoraed person to walk down the street.

They haven't seen the movies. They can't get through "For the Love of Benji" without flooding the room with tears of anxiety for the pup, nor can they handle seeing Sloth from "The Goonies," so I know they're not ready for a bunch of melting Nazis.

Nevertheless, they know the characters well. Our oldest made two character charts to prove the point. Here's the second:

They know the music, too, of course, thanks to a John Williams CD they keep sneaking out of the family room. Not that I mind. I like the music too:

Now I know it's normal for parents to brag about their childrens' talents -- why else would I put this blog up -- but I think our oldest might enjoy cartooning when he's older. We'll encourage him in that direction.

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