Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Four Seasons

Yeah, you'd better buckle in for this one. Here's an example of school art coming right at you, and it's going to take three posts in which to do it.

I love the details. I love that summer features a giraffe, and that winter features a lonely coccoon hanging on the tree. And I love the description our daughter offered of the seasons:

She writes:

My favorite season is all of them. Because they have houses, trees, dogs, cats, hamsters and all kinds of stuff. I really like summer spring fall and winter. I am still alive you are still alive. Every thing is alive. Seasons are fun for all of us too.

Hamsters? Hamsters. OK, kid. Whatever you say. And I'm glad that we're all alive, but why are we channeling Han Solo here?

We're fine, they're fine. We're all fine. How are you?

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