Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Art Evolution

First you see here  a drawing by our daughter, of me singing away with my iPod. I'm not exactly sure what I'm singing, nor if I'm singing well, but since the passerby -- my daughter -- with the baby in the stroller is smiling, I can assume my singing is above the bar set by your standard karaoke practitioner.

This is, however, an example of art evolution, because as you'll see in the next drawing, this was only the progenitor of a much grander work:

Here we see a more fully-formed idea, though the sun isn't as smilin' in this drawing as in the previous one. This time, it's her singing along with the iPod while her younger brother offers the ungodly sum of $5 for the item. She daydreams of horses -- do eight-year-old girls daydream of anything else -- while she sings this song:

When I was little
I had a herd of horses.
2 survived the earthquake
I was sad.

Don't know where the lyrics came from, except from the depths of an eight-year-old brain.

So, why present the first drawing if the second is more fully formed? Because of the suck-up letter on the back of the first:

Dear Dad,

Summer is almost here! I am so excited because it is fun! No school two birthdays in my small family. I just wish that my birthday was in summer. Well this is a picture that reminds me of summer. People sing and children pushing strollers. And baby's asleep in strollers. Well have fun!


Alexia Joy Davidson

Who can't love that?

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