Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rhyming Rebus Love Poem

Today I present a quadruptych -- if such a word can be cobbled together -- of rhyming words in art form from our middle child, a girl, all pink and purple and pretty. The text for the poem is here, if you're having trouble reading.

I love the anachronisms here, evidence of a child's art imitating the art made by an adult at school, or by adults for schools. First, the telephone (second picture). It has a dial. IT HAS A DIAL. My daughter has never seen a phone with a dial on it. I haven't seen one used in a house since I was at least her age. But her phone has a dial nonetheless.

Then there's the hat (fourth picture). Now, to her credit, she has seen a hat like this one. Her mother, of all people, has one, an Indiana Jones fedora souvenir from Disneyland. But still, who sees hats like this on a regular basis? Not around here you don't. But the hat is still there.

I love her more free-form art. The wave, for one (first picture). And the bat. I'm kind of scared of that bat. If I saw someone with that bat approaching me in a dark alley, I'd run. It looks pretty sinister. But that's art for you.

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  1. Those are GREAT!! I wish my cat could do art for me to put on my fridge!!