Friday, February 26, 2010

It's True, I Have No Life

Yes, folks, it's true. I am possibly one of the most bored -- or most boring -- people on the planet. Not satisfied with the dozens of people coming to Mister Fweem's Blog, nor the pleasant, chatty crickets I hear chirping over at The Cokesbury Party Blog, I have now Started My Refrigerator -- Art From My Kids.


Well, why the hell not? My kids flood me with art, from pasta- and glitter-encrusted monstrosities created at school to the scribblings they present their folks on weeknights, weekends and every other time in between. Because we're not packrats, and yet because we're sentimental fools, we scan their art into the computer before we throw it away (we have two modes of disposal, always after dark: Into the outside garbage can, or up the chimney; I'm pleased to report that pasta burns just as good as pine).

So what'll you see on My Refrigerator? Well, kid art of course, ya big dummy. And, if for some odd reason the art tickles your fancy, let me know and I'll sell you an original. Signed, even, if you're a real weirdo. Real cheap. Plus whatever costs I incur keeping the fool things around until -- and that's a big until -- they sell. Ha. Who's gonna buy this crap? And what's to stop anybody from just downloading an image? Well, not me obviously. I'm trying to get rid of the stuff and I have no reason to buy any of it because I'm, as I said before, swimming in the stuff.

So come here if you want to see Kid Art. Some good, most just scribbles and such. But fun. Enjoy. I know I'll enjoy the chance to babble some more.

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