Sunday, September 5, 2010

Winter Someone

The format and layout of this drawing will, of course, look familiar to MR afficionados. Our oldest, of course, drew something like this, from which our middle child takes her inspiration. She takes the format in a different direction, however. Rather than focusing on emotions, she's focusing on a certain something else that can best be summed up by the third drawing in the third column.

I love how she draws her animals. I'm sure she's getting some pre-formed arty notions on how to draw these critters at school, but it's fun to see her put her own twist on them. Lest I think she's only copying her schoolmates or art coaches, I present this drawing:

which shows she's also copying Hollywood. Or at least 1960s Rankin-Bass Hollywood:

Weiner dogs, by the way, play a significant part in our middle child's art. We did at one point have a weenie dog, but she broke her back and died two years ago this Thanksgiving -- an event which certainly taints the holiday for us. So this little weenie dog shows up a lot in her art, as an homage. I love it. And I love that the creators of Yukon Cornelius also had weenie dogs on the mind.

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