Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reality Drawing

Took my kids to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes today because, well, the idiots with the ATVs have chased all the snow geese from the Egin Lakes. It still turned out good, though. We had a lot of fun climbing the dunes, poking around among the junipers, digging the sand and dodging other ATV folks who can't just bebother the Egin Lakes and have to roam all over the place anyway.

After the trip, the kids were on the post-trip "I Don't Know What To Do, Daddy" thing. I encouraged them to draw pictures of their experience. Our daughter did so, with a vengeance. This is one of the more detailed drawings she's ever produced. That guy wandering off over the dunes? That's me. There's a shovel on the ground behind me because I found a little kid sand shovel that I carried forever because I assumed it belonged to my daughter. It did not. So, if anyone out there is missing a purple sand shovel, let me know and we'll return it.

In the lower right, that's our daughter playing with her sand toys, including the sand scoop that looks like a hippo. And yet, that on the left if one of those dad-ratted ATV drivers. I love the detail on the helmet and in the machine, since we've never taken them to see one of these things up close and we only saw these today from a distance and for about twenty seconds.

And in the upper right quadrant, there's something that looks like a sculpted rock. It's actually a drawing of the cab of a pickup truck somebody dragged out into the dunes so they'd have something to shoot at. She would have drawn the bullet holes except she didn't want to get that close.

Here's a closeup of her sand toy setup. She does look like an angel with wings because she drew herself making sand angels.

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