Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chicken and the Beast

Once in a while, one of my kids will ask me, "Daddy, what should I draw?" I love it when that question is posed, because it not only allows me a chance to interact with their art, but also to occasionally encourage flights of fancy on their part. That's where today's art examples come into play.

First, we see ehre a drawing my middle child did of her acting as "The Beast" from Beauty and the Beast. The drool, I think, is most becoming, and the best effect I could have asked for, though the hunch and the scary teeth and eyes are also entertaining. She got the inspration for this drawing through playing a game of charades the day before. Asking her to draw herself as the beast was easy, as she'd already imagined it.

Next, something more mundane. A chicken:

This is an example of art that can be produced by a child who says "But I don't know how to draw a chicken!" All I had to do was say: "Well, give it a try." And she did. Now, I grew up with chickens, so maybe it was easier for me to draw them, since I knew their habits and behavior and how they liked to poop all over the landscape. She has not had that distinct advantage, but I think she did rather well in capturing the essence of all that is chicken: The goofy stance, the over-the-shoulder look from that beady eye, et cetera.

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