Sunday, August 4, 2013

Indian Signs

We're into American Indian lore right now, working our son through a few Cub Scout requirements. One of them was to use twelve Indian signs to write his own story. The bit above is his story. To entertain him, I said I'd read the story as I interpreted the signs.

My version:

The top man was in the village and saw a man with a horseshoe. Radioactive Man and Wolverine came in and slashed a guy, then ran away. A fat guy made a snowman, then tried to make s'mores by putting three marshmallows on sticks. He burned them. The fat guy saw the guy who got slashed and thought he was a beaver.

The real version:

The top man was in the village, when a man on a horse came in. He heard a bear eating birds. A boy saw over three days and three nights in the camp a boy who ate beavers.

Then, of course, our daughter got in the act. She interpreted her own story.

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