Sunday, April 17, 2011

Star Wars

Our three children love the Star Wars movies, proving once again that they really are aimed at a prepubescent audience (which is, of course, why I like them).

Here is a series of drawings our youngest has produced of the film -- well, I can't call it a trilogy, so maybe I'll call it a travesty -- and its main Jedi characters. (He's heavily into Jedi stuff; he has his own light saber and walks around the house in my Dickies jacket because it's way too big for him and makes him look like he's wearing a Jedi robe).

First, Luke and Crewman No. 5. Luke's the guy in orange. He doesn't remember who the other guy is.

Next, of course, Yoda. Obviously not in his later, SWK stage, but in an earlier, more robust and obviously more buff stage.

Then good ol' Obi Wan Kenobi, wearing what looks like an angora sweater.

And last but not least Qui-gon Jinn.

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