Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evolution of the Suit

Our youngest is still fascinated with suits. Some of it is nostalgia for his first suit, which he quickly outgrew. He still holds the jacket in reverence in his closet -- the pants he could care less about; he's never been a fan of pants.

So he still draws suits. And the suit drawings he churns out are becoming more detailed. Behold:

Note the stitching, the addition of a bow tie and belt buckle. Still got that vacant, doll-eye expression, though, typical of his drawings. He's here now, offering comments:
Is that a picture of me? That is me! I wish you could get another one on your computer. A different kind, so I can type about it: This is me, and it would say I love you at the end, and it would say Love Isaac at the end.
He's so stream of consciousness, that boy.

The drawing also included this note:

It says (that is, if you can't read it):

Dear Dad i love you you are so handome do you no that your son is writing to you i like you. when you make fireplace.

I don't know what the meaning of that last sentence is, either.

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